Some Fun, Some Shame

After our first weekend together, I knew my MaMa and I were a perfect fit! She liked going on long walks, sitting in the sun, feeding me treats like kale and carrots and snuggling on the couch for hours. Pretty good qualities for a best friend to have! Our first fun weekend turned into the Spring and Summer of Fun!

There was one boring weekend on house arrest in early-May, when MaMa forced  me to rest after having my dreaded spay surgery (wearing that cone was the worst part). But after making a full recovery, the rest of our Spring and Summer was filled with fun! It turned out that my MaMa was only working part time at the Catering company, which meant lots of time for ME!

The dreaded Cone-O-SHAME!
"Get this off of me!!"
“Get this off of me!!”







During those warm Spring and Summer months, we would sleep in, then MaMa would make smoothies in the morning, giving me bits of apple and kale to snack on. Before work we would sit on the deck, MaMa reading while I snoozed at her feet or on her lap. The sun on my fur felt amazing after months of very little sunshine, I felt I could sit out there forever.  After work, our afternoons were filled with walks to the park and throughout the neighborhood. I even met some new doggie friends. I met a yorkie, a shih tzu, and lots of big dogs too! I loved playing with every dog I met even if sometimes I acted like a jerk at first. Sometimes little dogs can’t help it…or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with!

I stayed an entire weekend with Celtic the Yorkie when MaMa went on a business trip!
My cute, new friend Jack. He is a rescue like me!
My cute, new friend Jack. He is a rescue like me!








MaMa threw parties for her birthday, the Summer Solstice, and just because. She loved having people over and preparing food for them. I enjoyed meeting the people but really LOVED the handouts I’d get at those parties. I would bark and act crazy at first, but would settle down once the fun got started. I’m a pretty good party dog, it turns out! My favorite party was when MaMa and her friends played Twister on an outdoor Twister board we found on one of our walks. They played outside in the rain, and they laughed and laughed, and I jumped up and barked and played right along with them.

A Twister Board in the Grass!
A Twister Board in the Grass!

Come back soon, I promise the fun never ends with GiGi On The Scene!

Easter Weekend Fun

The first weekend at my new home was filled with fun. It was Easter weekend and I hope it’s not sacrilegious to say that Jesus wasn’t the only one who was risen. I was being given a second chance at love with my forever mommy and I definitely felt as if I’d been resurrected! I had a brand new life, and I was ready for it!

Don't I look like the Easter Bunny?
Don’t I look like the Easter Bunny?

My new grandmutt and grandpup, I mean grandma and grandpa came by to visit me and they brought me presents! They bought me a fox toy and a bag of peanut butter bones. They were so excited to meet me, but were quite surprised at how loud and goofy I was. Apparently this family hadn’t been around too many small dogs before. Aren’t all little dogs a bit cuckoo?! They asked my Mommy if I was always like that, and she shook her head and said, “No, she’s been pretty calm since I brought her home, for the most part.  She has had her moments though! I’m not sure why she won’t stop barking at Dad?”

Didn’t they know that I was just trying to tell him to play with me! I wasn’t even a year old yet, and my energy levels were through the roof. I was used to snuggling with and getting love from the ladies and rough housing with the men. All of the men I’d known at the tobacco shop had played with me roughly, throwing me in the air and knocking me around. I guess I just expected every man I met to be that way with me. Apparently my barking wasn’t getting that point across though.

Frustrated, I stopped barking and laid down next to my Mommy while they talked about me and how cute I was! Now that’s a conversation I could listen to all day.

Sleeping with my new presents!
Sleeping with my new presents!

The next day was even more exciting because I went on a trip in the car to visit my Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Easter Sunday. I met my Mommy’s sister, her husband and their son, which means I have a cousin! I also met some of my Mommy’s other relatives and they ooh’ed and ahh’ed over me and were kind of surprised at how well behaved I was. I didn’t even try to kill my Grandma’s crazy cat, Callie. I did stalk her and sniff under the couch until she swiped at me. After that I decided it was best to go back to where the humans were, to beg for food and get lots of head pats and belly rubs.

After a long day filled with ham (HINT: Grandpa’s like to give hand outs to their little grandpuppy!) and fun, it was time to head back home with my Mommy. We went out for a nice long walk that night, but when we got back Mommy realized that she forgot her keys! She called Grandpa who came by with an extra set to let us in. While waiting for him to get there, we sat out on the front stoop, and while I don’t know what she was thinking, I know that I was thinking one very small but important thing.

‘It feels good to be home.’

Counting my blessings!
Counting my blessings!

First Full Day of My New Forever

I woke up the morning after my rescue curled up in a ball on the back of a soft couch in front of a big window.  It was still early and my new Mommy was sleeping on the cushions below me. It was so nice waking up next to someone again. Loads better than waking up alone in my crate, not knowing when I was going to be let out, and sometimes not being able to wait to go outside to do my business. That was definitely the worst part about being caged up by myself for 12 hours every night. There were times I just couldn’t hold. Speaking of holding it…

sleepy g

‘Wake up, wake up, wake up new Mommy! I need to go outside!!’ I whined. But she didn’t stir. I guess maybe I had kept her up late the night before with my excitement at being in a new home. We’d played for hours, and when we stopped playing, and I finally started dozing off, I’m pretty sure she stayed awake watching me sleep. I’d felt her stroking my head as I nodded off. Something else I hadn’t experienced in far too long!

Not sure how else to wake her, I jumped off the back of the couch onto her tummy and started licking her face!

“What the? Ohhhh GiGi!” she laughed as she tried to hold me back from getting at her mouth. Who wouldn’t want wet puppy kisses all over their mouth, I wondered, and kept at it til she gave in!

“Okay, goofy girl…hahahaha that could be what GiGi stands for! Let’s go out and explore!” she said

There were so many things I couldn’t wait to see! The day before I’d seen a duck! I didn’t even know what a duck was, but it was way cooler than anything I’d seen inside the tobacco shop!

We walked all around the block and she even took me over to the park across the street. There was also a church with pretty daylilies and other Spring flowers in bloom. I stopped to smell as many as she would let me, of course. You always need to stop and smell pretty flowers, and EVERYTHING ELSE for that matter. There were so many trees to sniff and leave my mark on! I could barely contain my excitement. In fact, I didn’t even try. After a while, we sat down under a tree and I watched as the birds flew overhead and the cars drove by. I even saw some people walking into the church. I couldn’t get enough. I could have sat there and watched the world go by all day!

flower G

Eventually we had to go home and after our walk, Mommy decided to make a smoothie. Of course I sat and watched everything she was doing. If there is food involved, I’m all over it like a dog on a bone. Woof! Woof!

As I was sitting there watching, she tossed me a spine from some kale she had just added to the blender. I’m sure neither of us were expecting what happened next, but I ate the whole thing.

“You like kale? Is that normal for dogs to eat kale?” she asked me.  I just looked up at her, wagged my tail and waited for more.

She gave me another piece and I gobbled that down too. Yummy!

kale G

“Wow, that is really weird, but also kind of awesome,” she laughed “I have a healthy dog!”

It was shaping up to be a good day. I couldn’t wait to see what other new things I would see, sniff and taste. This forever home was pretty awesome. I made sure to say thank you to the Big Guy in the sky for giving me a second chance, and then I was off and running down the hall, while my new Mommy just watched me, laughing and smiling. I think she was as happy as me!