From Two to a Crew!

When my MaMa brought me home from the tobacco shop, it was just the two of us. MaMa and GiGi taking walks. MaMa and GiGi visiting the park. MaMa and GiGi making dinner (MaMa makes, I supervise). You get the picture! It was just the two of us, with occasional party guests, a couple girls just bee-bopping along, enjoying summer and having fun!

Two single girls, hanging out!
Two single girls, hanging out!

Even when Levi started courting me, and MaMa and Levi’s Pop were getting to know each other, it was mostly just us girls. The only time we saw Levi and his Pop were out in the courtyard between their condos or at the park across the street. We had yet to enter each other’s doghouse, and all relationships were still very casual!

And then within two days, everything changed!

My MaMa was talking to her friend about a puppy that she needed to find a temporary home for. Even though my MaMa was still learning how to take care of one dog, she told her friend to bring him over and if we got along, she would take care of him!

Long story short…we got along great! And Macho moved in that night. Isn’t he cute? MaMa and I were both smitten with his pouty mug and Eddie Munster hairline.

Meet Macho and His Surly Mug!
Meet Macho and His Surly Mug!

And you’ll never believe what happened the VERY next day? MaMa and Levi’s Pop decided to have an official date! Needless to say, it worked out. And soon, the five of us were doing things together on a regular basis. Trips to local parks, the woods, prairie trails, Lake Michigan and nature preserves became group activities. Three dogs, two humans…a regular crew!

GiGi On The Scene: With my Crew!
GiGi On The Scene: With my Crew!

I was so thankful for all of the new people and pups in my life. I went from being a single girl, living all alone in a Tobacco shop, with nothing but hope to keep my happy; to a girl with a posse living the small town dream, going places and taking names! I was evolving into the furry girl you all know and love. I was becoming GiGi On The Scene (with my crew in tow!)

Macho thought it was funny to make silly faces!
Macho thought it was funny to make silly faces!







Levi, My Lovey

First of all, I have to apologize for going so long without posting a new blog! What can I say, other than the usual…

The holidays! Am I right? Busy!!

Now that things have just about returned to normal, I can get back to telling my amazing story of rescue and redemption.

And there is no way to tell that story without first introducing you to my best friend, my true love, the yin to my yang, the coffee to my cream, the black to my white. Without him, I would just be a whirling ball of crazy fluff floating along on my own. He calms me down when I go cuckoo…well, nobody can do that! But, he puts up with every single one of my shenanigans without complaint. He really is the very best friend that a little dog could have. And he’s handsome too! Check him out! A more handsome Pitboxer there never has been. He’s the Elvis of dogs!

Levi Pitboxer, himself!
                                                              And, he has a sense of humor!

I don’t remember the day we met, because I was still coming down from the anesthesia from my spay surgery, and I was pretty out of it. Also, I was wearing the most embarrassing head gear ever! My MaMa says it’s called the “CONE OF SHAME”. I’ll say! To think that’s what I was wearing the very first time we met. Uggh!

It turned out that Levi’s Dad lived in a condo across the parking lot from me and my MaMa. We would see them out at the park, and walking around the neighborhood, but the courtyard was the most popular place for MaMa to stop and talk to his Dad. I couldn’t have been happier about it, either. I mean, here was this tall, dark and handsome Pitbull/Boxer dog. He was older, wiser, and a worldly traveler!

Getting to know him...
                                                                Getting to know him…

While they talked, Levi and I got to know each other too. It was a real summer romance. Frolicking and romping in the grass, showing him my sassy, fun side. He played it cool, letting me bounce off his chest with my little, curly white paws, and he even let me bite at his awesome, droopy jowls!

My flirting must have worked! Before you knew it, MaMa and I were seeing Levi and his Dad on a more regular basis. We seemed to run into them every time we went to the park. Levi and I quickly became the new power-pooch couple on the scene. All of the other neighborhood dogs would look at us walk by together, whining their jealousy. Not every pooch can have such a cool best friend, who is also their complete opposite! Big and Little. Black and White. Cool and Crazy.

I guess opposites really do attract!

                                                               Best Friends Forever!