Route 66 Road Trip: Even Explorers Need to Sleep!

We’d been on the road all day and explored a half dozen historic Route 66 attractions, so we were more than ready to take a load off and unwind. We briefly considered stopping at one last place on MaMa’s map, but it was getting late, the sun was starting to set, Pops missed the turn off (because MaMa wasn’t helping him look), and we ended up going to a wine store instead so MaMa could stock up on libations for the night! As it was, we had another hour or so to drive (with traffic) before making it to the Country Inn motel in Livingston, Ill. where MaMa had made our reservation.

We were super lucky to find this motel, as it not only allowed two dogs for a minimal charge, but they allowed dogs of any size or breed. I’m pretty easy to travel with, seeing as I’m only about 10 pounds and as far as we know, there are no restrictions on Maltese dogs in any towns or counties in America. Levi, on the other hand, is part Pitbull, and as it turns out, there are some towns you can’t even drive through, let alone stay in, if you have a Pitbull breed with you. I think that is sad and unfair, since I know what a good dog he is, and I’ve met so many other Pitbulls that are a lot nicer than I could ever be!

Walking into our motel room was an experience I will never forget! I’d never stayed anywhere like it before. Up until then, the only places I’d slept were my first owner’s house, the tobacco store that I was forced to live in for four months when my first owners didn’t want me anymore, and of course MaMa and Pop’s homes. I didn’t even know there were such things as motels, with everything you need all in one room! We had two beds, a desk and chairs, a nightstand, lamps, a phone and TV too. Also, we had a big window that looked out onto the parking lot and which provided excellent viewing for me and Levi anytime someone walked by or slammed a door! Luckily, we didn’t bark too much because we didn’t want to cause any problems or get kicked out of the room.

Livingston Hotel
Living large with Levi in Livingston!

One really convenient thing about the Country Inn motel is the attached café which is open until 9:30 for dinner, which meant MaMa and Pop didn’t need to stop for fast food, and we could all eat together in the room. When you’ve been traveling all day, it sure is nice to have a meal that is as close to home cooked as you can get when you’re on the road, and to be able to eat it with your dog begging by your side…just like home! And since MaMa already had her bottle of wine, she was good to go!

There were so many things to sniff and suss out. MaMa was worried that I would get into something, so she followed me around the room for a while. When she was finally satisfied that I wouldn’t get into anything, she sat down and let me have my space. That woman can really cramp my style sometimes!

After sniffing the entire perimeter of the room, under both beds, and all around the bathroom, I was able to finally sit and relax. MaMa said we needed to go to bed early because we had another fun-filled day planned on Route 66. We didn’t know exactly what we were going to do or see, but chances were it would be another memorable day on the Mother Road!

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