Route 66 Road Trip: Minor Detour

After checking out the oddities outside the Pink Elephant Antique Mall and exploring the adjoining neighborhood, it was time to head back to our motel, eat some breakfast and hit the road. We had another full day of Route 66 adventures planned and wanted to hit the road early. There was so much to see and 148 miles to cover that day! We were going to be driving all the way to Missouri! That was a brand new state for me to visit (only my third state ever), and MaMa had never been there either. She had grown up living so close to the Show Me State, but had never visited it. How exciting that we were going to be able to explore this new territory for the first time, together.

Pop was preparing our breakfast, and MaMa was packing up, getting ready to leave, while Levi Pitboxer and I sat and watched the proceedings. We were all surprised when we heard Pop exclaim, “Oh shit, I forgot Levi’s medicine at home!!”

(Levi was taking a course of antibiotics for an infection and it was very important that he not miss a day of it, otherwise it might end up not working at all, or it could even get worse!)

Levi and I looked at each other, because we rarely heard Pop swear at all! He doesn’t have a potty mouth like MaMa…

“Are you sure? Did you look everywhere?” asked MaMa

“Yes, I looked with all of the dog stuff and with my stuff, in all my bags. It’s not here! We might have to go home because he can’t go a day and a half without taking it.”

We all just sat there for a minute feeling despair at the prospect of having to cut our adventure short.

MaMa and Pop started talking about possible solutions, and at one point Pop even considered driving all the way home and back, but that would have been three hours each way, and wouldn’t have been fun for him at all!  Plus, by the time he got back, we wouldn’t have been able to do much of anything on our Day Two itinerary.

I looked up at MaMa and I could tell she was devastated. She had spent weeks planning this road trip and felt utterly disappointed at the prospect of cutting it short by nearly two days. And then, it was as if a light-bulb went off in her head.

“When I used to work at the Vet, I would sometimes get calls from people asking us to call in their dog’s prescription at a different veterinarian’s office when they moved or were on vacation, and the Docs did it all the time! It’s almost 8:00 now, why don’t I call and see if they will do that?!”

“Hmmmm, you think they’ll do that?” asked Pop, while MaMa nodded. “Well, first let’s see if we can find a vet nearby that they can call it in to.”

They both got on their phones and started looking up veterinarian’s offices in the area, and after 3 failed attempts, MaMa found one that was open and most importantly, willing to fill Levi’s prescription for us as long as our vet called it in!! And the best thing was, it was only about 20 minutes out of our way. How lucky was that? It looked as if our road trip wasn’t going to be cut short after all.

The final step was for MaMa to call our vet and find out if they would call in the prescription for us. As soon as they opened, she called and left a message with the receptionist, who said she would talk to the doctor and get back to us. I sat there with my paws crossed, hoping they would call us back soon. I guess there was always the chance that they’d be too busy, and that we’d have to wait, or that our vet wouldn’t agree to call it in. Finally, after the longest half hour of my life, we heard back from them! They agreed to call in Levi’s prescription!!

We were all so happy and relieved. It was a minor detour and the whole incident set us back an hour or so, but in the long run, it wasn’t that big of a deal. MaMa felt good for keeping a level head and coming up with a solution quickly. Lucky for us all she had experience working at a Veterinarian’s office and knew exactly what we needed to do! Our Route 66 adventure was going to continue as planned!!

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